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Records Management

Core Business

SKHB’s core business is Managed Storage & Removals. Drawing on years of industry experience we are able to design and implement a wide range of comprehensive records management solutions allowing you to concentrate on your core business.

Handling Practises

Our transport service can be tailored to provide your business with the seamless delivery of records. For those records required in super-fast time, SKHB also offer an Urgent Service for priority deliveries same day.

Security & Confidentiality

We understand the importance of security & confidentiality both in the storage, management and transportation of records. Access to records is strictly controlled and only available to those with authorisation both by request or on-site. Further security measures incorporate passwords, non-descript bar codes and internal SKHB staff restrictions ensuring complete privacy and integrity of information. Transportation is performed by SKHB Employees (reference checks & confidentiality agreements), in company owned vehicles unless outsourced contractors are required.


The Pialba site is protected by electronic intruder detection systems under 24-hour monitoring. It is well insulated, regularly inspected for any build up of dust and vacuumed constantly. Pest inspections and control programs are also in place for document protection.

Records Management

All records management is fully computerised, utilising the latest bar code technology. SKHB’s regular stock takes and reconciliation backs up this system ensuring the greatest accuracy and integrity of information and control. Additional features include customised reporting and many other functions. This advanced cataloguing and tracking system, allows timely, accurate & simple access to cartons or even individual files if required.

Management and Access

Service requests are made via email, fax, or on-line. We maintain accurate and up-to-date records of access, and can provide regular reports detailing storage and access history, activity (by individual, by carton, by file), to ensure that you are in control at all times, of all your records. Requested records are delivered directly to your company offices but can also be directed to alternative address or faxed. On-site access in serviced offices is also available.

Confidential Destruction

SKHB provides secure document destruction services for records that have reached their statutory retention period ensuring obsolete files are not being stored. Retention Review Dates are mandatory for all new lodgements unless advised otherwise by clients. From receipt of signed authorisation, records are crushed under secure conditions and pulped.

Termination & Flexibility

SKHB stand by our service and do not believe in hidden charges or penalising clients with “permanent retrieval fees” when terminating. Written advice of permanent retrieval however is required. SKHB believe strongly in meeting our clients Records Management requirements so please let us know how we can best maintain your vital company information.

Record Indexing System

All records management is fully computerised, utilising a bar code system that interfaces with the global leader in records management software programs.

O’Neil’s RS-SQL operates in a Windows NT environment, is user friendly and offers a wide degree of functionality. Regular stock takes and reconciliation backs up this system ensuring the greatest accuracy and integrity of information and control.

Additional features include management cost centre invoicing – to three levels, customised reporting and many other functions.